Awhero Nui means “big hope”, and we hope that we can provide that for recipients of funds from our charitable trust.

Registered with Charities Services NZ: CC55812

Awhero Nui Trust

Our aim is to contribute to achieving a good life for all people in New Zealand.

Our Values:


This includes values of hospitality, generosity, respect and care for others.


Partnership. We generally partner with established organisations that operate successful programmes, and we fund to increase the reach and effectiveness of those programmes.

Our priority areas:

The primary education sector
Social Housing
Mentoring of ex-prisoners
Reduction of poverty

Other areas:

We also support international aid agencies, and organisations in the sporting, environmental and heritage arenas.

About and Contact


The Awhero Nui Trust has been formed with funds provided by the Holdaway and Geary Trust, which represents the family interests of Murray Holdaway and Helen Geary.


We do not run a formal grants process, but if you feel your organisation would fit within our areas of interest, do contact us.

Awhero Nui Trust